Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Genuine Author Geek Out Moment

Unlike most authors, I never dreamed of seeing my book at the bookstore or library. It just wasn't a thought. But once I signed my first publishing contract, everyone mentioned the possibility, so I added it to my mental list of things that would be fun to experience.

My first book was released five months ago. I've been so focused on the forthcoming books since then that I forgot about some of the fun parts of being an author. 

Today my daughter was looking up books about puppies (of course!) on the computer in the children's department at the public library. I was looking at something else when she tapped me and pointed to the screen. She'd pulled up my books in the system! One book wasn't checked out at the moment, so we went to find it on the shelf. 

I'm kind of hard to impress, so I didn't expect to get emotional when I saw my book on the library shelf, scruntched between the others. Not gonna lie, I totally geeked out!

So there it is: Uncharted Redemption on the shelf of the public library. I didn't take a picture of the homeschool mom in the ponytail and hoodie who was squealing and taking pictures because, well, it was me.