Monday, August 30, 2010

Is This a Luna Moth ???

I saw this big guy clinging to the bricks on the Borders building in Cool Springs. I've never seen a moth like him before. Does anybody know what he is, and if he's migratory? I think he is a Luna Moth, but I'm not sure.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Superhero Parenting

Yesterday afternoon in the car my three year old was displeased with the overcast sky and asked, "Mommy, would you turn that light on, please?"

I looked at the dashboard searching for the light she referred to and responded, "What light, Sweetie?"

Pointing up through the back window she said, "The one up dare."

"The sun?!" I asked in astonishment.

"Yeah, that one!"

I chuckled at the abilities my child endows me with and said, "I cannot control the sun, but thank you for thinking I'm that powerful."

She is at such a sweet age. She has so much faith in her Daddy and I that she doesn't even question the supernatural power she believes we possess. We'll be sure to use those powers for good.

No, I can't control the sun or the sky or the boy who was mean to her on the playground. But, I can control myself and never yell at her or belittle her or shun her. Yes, I will use my powers for good and not evil.