Thursday, November 17, 2016

Interview with Debra L. Butterfield, Author of Abba's Promise

Join me in welcoming Debra Butterfield to the blog today. Debra's new book Abba's Promise is releasing this week, and she's here to tell us a little about it.

Thanks for joining us, Debra! So, what's the story behind Abba's Promise? 
Tamara Clymer, my boss at CrossRiver Media, and I were discussing putting out another anthology. I proposed the topic of God’s promises. Many Christians believe God can do all things, but they struggle to believe He will do those things just for them. Too many people fail to grasp or understand the depth of God’s love for us and, as believers, our identity as His children. I wanted to provide a book that would encourage readers in knowing they can trust God to fulfill His promises to them.

Who did you imagine reading Abba's Promise while you wrote it?
I pictured someone like me who knows God is capable of doing amazing things in our lives, but who she struggles to believe God loves her enough to

Monday, November 14, 2016

Spotlight: Swim Season by Marianne Sciucco

Sometimes winning is everything.

Champion swimmer Aerin Keane is ready to give up her dreams of college swimming and a shot at the Olympics. As she starts senior year in her third high school, Aerin's determined to leave her family troubles behind and be like all the other girls at Two Rivers. She's got a new image and a new attitude. She doesn’t want to win anymore. She's swimming for fun, no longer the freak who wins every race, every title, only to find herself alone.

But when her desire to be just one of the girls collides with her desire to be the best Two Rivers has ever seen, will Aerin sacrifice her new friendships to break a longstanding school record that comes with a $50,000 scholarship?

Swim Season is currently only available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback. 

Aunt Mags didn't say a word on the way to the high school and neither did I. We were up and out too early for anything more than, "Got everything?" "Uh huh," and "Let's go." We'd left the house before her first cup of coffee and she was not in a talkative mood.

It was just after dawn, the moon still visible as the sun peeked out over the horizon. A chill in the air hinted at summer's end. I regretted leaving my sweatshirt behind, although after swim practice the sun would be shining and we'd be back to the