Friday, March 20, 2015

Author Interview Series: Writers’ Quirks Featuring Paul Cwalina

Today on Writers' Quirks, I'm interviewing Paul Cwalina, author of Dropping Stones.

Welcome, Paul! I've got a few quirky questions for you...

Have you ever fallen in love with one of your characters?
Depends. Is my wife reading this? Seriously, no, I haven’t although I’m sure all authors, including myself, put into their characters of the opposite sex physical and personality traits that they find attractive.

What is the best place for dreaming up your storylines? 
Anywhere there is
solitude. That can be while driving, in the shower, etc. I also have time during the day in my office, so I always have a pen and notebook with me, as well as the memo app on my phone.

What is your favorite snack while writing? 
I don’t usually snack when writing, but when I do I definitely want something that won’t leaves crumbs in the keyboard or leave my hands an fingers sticky.

Good thinking! How do you feel about pen names? 
I had no idea people were naming their pens. Seems silly.

Yeah, it's probably just a trend. What is the most not-true-to-self writing or marketing idea you’ve considered (or done!)?
One of the great drawbacks of being an independent author is the constant need for self-promotion. That runs counter to my personality, so any social media post that I have to put out there is not-true-to-self.

I hear ya. How are your books different than the millions of other books? Mine’s better. OK, seriously, I do write in the first person and give the reader a deep dive into the main character’s mind and personality.

What one question has no one asked you about your book/character/writing life that you wish they would? 
How does it feel to have won a Pulitzer Prize for Literature?

So, Paul, how does it feel to have won a Pulitzer Prize for Literature? 
Not bad. I have it on the bookshelf in my summer home.

Where would you like people to connect with you online?

Thanks for stopping by, Paul!

Paul's latest release, Dropping Stones, is available now.

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