Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Interview with Uncharted Redemption Producer Misty of Echoing Praise

Today I’m talking with audiobook producer Misty of Echoing Praise. Misty is the narrator of the audiobook version of Uncharted Redemption. When I heard Misty’s audition, I knew she was perfect for this project. She was a delight to work with and I loved how she brought Levi and Mandy’s story to life.

Thanks for joining us, Misty!

You produce a lot of audiobooks. Tell us about your selection process and what drew you to Uncharted Redemption. 
I’m careful to select projects that are clean and uplifting. My desire is to glorify God, and I was excited to partner with you, Keely, since your mission is the same! I also look for stories and characters I feel passionate about because it enables me to give my best “performance.”

What was your favorite part or character to voice in Uncharted Redemption? 
My favorite character to voice was Mandy. She provided a unique challenge because of her evolving character.

What did you like best about the book Uncharted Redemption?
I think the book did a wonderful job of depicting “real life” events in a unique and unheard of land. The mystery surrounding the uncharted territory kept us guessing, while we could easily relate to the flawed humanity of the characters. Most importantly, we could also grow with them as they left the past behind and reached for their purpose and destiny.

What are your favorite line(s) of the story?
“The notes flowed freely from the darkness of the instrument’s hollow body; as she thought of the empty space inside the violin, she felt the music resonate in the cavern of her heart.” Oh, what a beautiful parallel and what hope that line inspires in those whose hearts feel empty! Truly, the Master Craftsmen, our God, can transform the empty space in our hearts and use it to create a life full of resonance and beautiful timbre.

What sort of challenges do audiobook producers encounter?
Technical problems, deadlines, and even sicknesses pose problems for audiobook producers. A simple cold means work must stop because… no one wants to listen to a stuffy narrator! Thankfully, this project went smoothly. The author and I worked very well together, and we were even able to finish the project nearly a month early!

If someone is interested in learning how to produce audiobooks or do voice work in general, where should they start?
One of the most basic requirements is that you are very comfortable reading out loud with few mistakes and plenty of feeling and emotion. You also need professional recording equipment, editing software… and a great ear! Then, a good place to start is acx.com. They connect authors with producers in an intuitive way.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, Misty, and more importantly, for the excellent job you did with Uncharted Redemption!

Here’s a sample of Misty reading Uncharted Redemption:

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