Friday, April 17, 2015

Author Interview Series: Writers’ Quirks Featuring Paul D. Smith

Today I welcome Paul D. Smith to Writers' Quirks. Paul is the author of Jason and the Draconauts

Thanks for joining us, Paul. Let's get to some quirky questions.

Have you ever fallen in love with one of your characters?

I can’t say I’ve ever fallen in love with one of my characters, but there are several I would definitely enjoy hanging out with.

What is the best place for dreaming up your storylines?

I have a lot of down time on my commute to work, so ideas
often come to me in my car. And, oddly enough, while I am trying to fall asleep as well.

What is your favorite snack while writing?

Chocolate…definitely chocolate.

How do you feel about pen names?

I don’t name my pens because people would think I am weird (or weird-er). Seriously though, with a last name like Smith, the idea of a name that stands out has definitely crossed my mind. But I end up staying true to what is written on my birth certificate.

What is the most not-true-to-self writing or marketing idea you’ve considered (or done!)?  
Writing romance is way outside of my comfort zone, so I squirmed a little when I wrote a couple of scenes in the weekly serial I wrote.

How are your books different than the millions of other books?

A lot of dragon books are written in a fantasy, swords and sorcery setting. I brought dragons into the 21st century and had them experience technology and teenage life. I think that kind of sets it apart.

What one question has no one asked you about your book/character/writing life that you wish they would?

Would you like to see action figures made from the characters in you book?

So, would you like to see action figures made from the characters in you book?

I think the dragons in my book would make AWESOME action figures and I would buy every one of them!

Where would you like people to connect with you online?

Paul's book Jason and the Draconauts is available now.

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