Friday, April 3, 2015

Author Interview Series: Writers’ Quirks Featuring Steven F. Freeman

Today on Writers' Quirks, I'm interviewing author Steven F. Freeman.

Thanks for joining us, Steven. What is your latest project?
The Devil’s Due, a romantic thriller, published in January 2015. 

Awesome. So now for the quirky questions... Have you ever fallen in love with one of your characters? 
I’m pretty keen on Mallory Wilson, the female protagonist in my series. I think “in love” might be a bit too strong, but she certainly embodies many of the attributes a man would want in his partner: accomplished, intelligent, pretty, encouraging, and

What is the best place for dreaming up your storylines? 
I find my creativity maxes out when I’m doing something both relaxing and mindless, like taking a bath and hanging out on the beach—as if I needed another excuse to lounge with my feet in the surf.

What is your favorite snack while writing? 
Does Malbec count as a snack? I usually stick with coffee or a soft drink, but I’ve been known to sneak a few peanut butter crackers.

How do you feel about pen names?
I have a fine-tip Bic named Larry, but the rest of my writing implements remain nameless. (If you start with my first novel in the series, Nefarious, you’ll know where my David Dunlow character gets his “groaner” humor.) I think a pen name is all about personal choice. One author may regard it as unnecessary, while another might find it vital, perhaps to guide her audience to the appropriate books if she writes in two distinct genres or for two different age groups.

What is the most not-true-to-self writing or marketing idea you’ve considered (or done!)? 
Honestly, all the hours I’ve spent submitting my work for review to the many, many book-review blogs “out there” feels pretty disconnected from the reasons I write: the joy of putting together a story that will connect with readers in a profound way. The blogs provide a wonderful (and free) service, though, so I’d be remiss to ignore them.

How are your books different than the millions of other books? 
One of the differentiators for my mystery/thriller series is the use of contemporary science and technology. I enjoy keeping up with technological/scientific developments (I work for a large tech company), and I incorporate these developments into my stories. I also enjoy the classics for the character development they bring, and I try to incorporate that style into my work. So while the dilemmas of my books are based on cutting-edge science, establishing a deep connection between the reader and my heroes and villains is also a key element of my work.

What one question has no one asked you about your book/character/writing life that you wish they would? Which teachers most inspired your writing?

So, which teachers most inspired your writing?
The teachers who had the greatest impact on my writing career are Frances Moore (seventh-grade English) and Katherine Lancaster (twelfth-grade English). They both encouraged my love of reading and creative expressions.

Where would you like people to connect with you?

Awesome! Thanks for joining us, Steven!

Steven's  romantic thriller series begins with Nefarious, which is available now.

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