Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Inspiration, Embracing Sweetness, and Doing Research in the Attic

My great-grandmother's Bible and 4 leaf clovers from 1916
You’d think after releasing three novels in less than a year, I would’ve stopped for a breather this summer. I tried. Briefly. I really did.

But I had so many ideas...

I wanted to write a cozy mystery (there I said it!) and I wanted to explore what might happen next with Connor and Lydia in the Uncharted series and I outlined a Christmas novella and I started research for the next Founders story and... shew! I’m out of breath just thinking about it.

Having too many ideas can be just as bad as having none, at least for a girl like me. I’d never encountered this before: a head full of stories and an inbox full of readers encouraging me to write more. I’m a people-pleaser and a prolific writer. That can be a dangerous combination, friends.

I needed direction. I needed wisdom. I needed quiet.

I cried out to my Savior.

See, I’m on a journey here. I have not arrived. I’m winging it, but I’m not alone. I’m never alone.

The Lord was with me through the hurricane of ideas that devastated my mental summer vacation. While the gusts of voices and storylines and marketability statistics lashed at my peace, Christ so graciously held my gaze.

He reminded me of who I am and more importantly who I am in Him. And He took me to Proverbs 31:10-31 again and again. Thank You, Lord!

It’s a new month, a new school year (*virtual high five to my fellow homeschool teachers*), and soon to be a new season. I might be rushing autumn a bit—it’s 85 degrees out and I’m baking pumpkin cookies. That’s okay. I’m eager for cooler weather and a slower pace so I can settle in to a new writing project, cup of apple cider in hand.

Happy September, everyone!

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