Friday, May 1, 2015

Interview with Uncharted Inheritance Narrator Dara Kramer

Today I’m talking with audiobook producer Dara Kramer. Dara is the narrator of the audiobook version of Uncharted Inheritance. I was looking for a very specific voice for this project and when I heard Dara’s audition, I knew she would be perfect for this story. 

Thanks for joining us, Dara!
My pleasure!

You are a trained stage actress, but this was your first audiobook. What made you want to start producing audiobooks?
I have been interested in expanding my career to the voiceover world for a long time. An acquaintance had been raving about her experiences as an audiobook producer and I thought I’d give it try. It is another venue for me to perform and tell stories.

What drew you to Uncharted Inheritance?
Bethany’s spirit is really what drew me in. She has a daring yet wistful energy that I really relate to. Auditioning, I felt like the material came easy with my voice.

What was your favorite part or character to voice in Uncharted Inheritance?
My favorite thing was growing and adapting with Bethany as she learned new things and gained greater perspective. I really enjoyed voicing sections when she is dealing with someone very contradictory to herself.

You completed ACX Master Class before auditioning through How did that prepare you for audiobook production?
It gave me all the tools I needed. I was clueless about audio recording. I am now able to comfortable and confidently record, edit, and produce audiobooks all on my own. They really take care of each of their students and make sure you come out ready to compete professionally with seasoned narrators.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, Dara, and for the fabulous job you did with Uncharted Inheritance!
Thank you!

Here’s a sample of Dara reading Uncharted Inheritance:

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