Friday, May 1, 2015

Author Interview Series: Writers’ Quirks Featuring Sally Ember

Today on Writers' Quirks I'm interviewing author Sally Ember. 

Thanks for joining me, Sally. What have you been working on lately? 
Working on Volumes III and IV of “The Spanners Series.” Blogging regularly. Hosting *CHANGES* conversations between authors, an almost-weekly LIVE talk show on Google + Hangouts on Air (HOA) and YouTube, 10 – 11 AM EST USA.

Let's jump into the quirky questions...
Have you ever fallen in love with one of your characters? 
I was already in unrequited love with “The Spanners Series'” Epifanio Dang's former selves (he is a composite of
several I have loved), but I also love others in my series. Clara has another love interest or two coming into play starting in Volume III.

What is the best place for dreaming up your storylines? 
During meditation, especially while swimming or right before I fall asleep.

What is you favorite snack while writing? 
Chocolate (dark chocolate with almonds).

How do you feel about pen names? 
I don't use them. I don't have any feelings about them, except that those who use them are sniveling cowards who don't have the courage to appear in public and stand behind their writing. Oh, did I write that out loud? That being said, if I were still an elementary school teacher who wrote about being visited by aliens or published explicit sex scenes or depicted very realistic scenes as a serial killer, I'd probably use a pen name. Yes. Definitely would.

Well, I'm glad that's not an issue for you. What is the most not-true-to-self writing or marketing idea you’ve considered (or done!)?  
When I started all this, I didn't know that “Author Interviews” weren't really interviews but essay tests. Bummer. After a while, though, I realized I had always ACED my essay exams and got into it. Like this one. 

How are your books different than the millions of other books?Mine are well-written and interesting, don't feature sex scenes and are funny. Oh, besides all that? Well, my sci-fi is utopian rather than dystopian, which makes it stand out mightily high above almost all the rest. Also, I write in the present tense, which is quite unusual. I do that to emphasize the simultaneity of all time, but some readers and reviewers don't read my first chapters carefully, don't understand that, and ding me for not knowing how to use verb tenses. Sheesh. Also, “The Spanners Series” features multiple timelines playing out mostly in ways that focus on the main character's love life and how it varies in several of them. Also, I use “Re-sets,” which change many other components for the entire multiverse, multiple times. Quite intriguing and complex, according to my readers.

What one question has no one asked you about your book/character/writing life that you wish they would? 
“What part of Clara's life would you like to have and why?” 

So, what part of Clara's life would you like to have and why?
I refuse to answer that one, yet. The answers unfold as the Volumes appear. 

Where would you like people to connect with you online? 
My website.

Thank you for stopping by today, Sally!

Sally's latest book This Changes My Family and My Life Forever is available now.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me "on," today, Keely! Best to you and all your blog readers!

    Happy May Day, which happens to be my son's birthday! Beltane Boy is 35 today.