Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Author Interview Series: Writers’ Quirks Featuring Brenda S. Anderson

Today on Writers' Quirks, I'm interviewing author Brenda S. Anderson. Brenda and I were once signed to the same publisher and I've always admired her grace-filled interactions within the author community. 

Welcome, Brenda! Tell us what you've been working on lately.
My latest release is Pieces of Granite, the Coming Home Series prequel. I’m currently working on Memory Box Secrets, Book 2 in the Coming Home series.

I've got a few quirky questions for you, so let's jump right in!

Have you ever fallen in love with one of your characters? 
Oh yes! Richard Brooks is the lead character in my Coming Home series. Yes, he’s tall, dark, and handsome,
but that actually led to his fall. He’s a man who’s come full-circle in his faith, going from youth leader to prodigal to strong believer. He’s also come full circle in his career going from farm boy to Manhattan executive to janitor then Minneapolis executive. He loves children, animals, and nature. And he’s a man who loves deeply.  He’s made a lot of mistakes in his life, but he’s learned from them and keeps pressing on.

What is the best place for dreaming up your storylines? 
In bed, of all places. The house is quiet so I’m able to ruminate. Ideas also come to me when I’m driving or when I’m walking, but bedtime is always the best.

I'm the same way. What is your favorite snack while writing? 
Yes, this is cliché, but I love chocolate. Peanuts are also a good writing snack.

How do you feel about pen names? 
I have no problem with pen names. I once considered going that direction because my name is so common, but all my connections were made using my real name so it didn’t make sense for me to change. I do know of authors who write in different genres using pen names.

What is the most not-true-to-self writing or marketing idea you’ve considered (or done!)? 
All of them? I’ve always been a “choir” member which means I know how to blend in. Trying to go “solo” is completely against my nature. Probably the biggest marketing idea I’m avoiding is one that others have had great success with: advertising your book on numerous Facebook reader pages. I know a few authors who do this all the time and their sales are terrific, but my Facebook wall is so filled with their ads, I’m sick of them. I just can’t do it.

Me either. Your books have glowing reviews, but for those who don't read Amazon reviews, tell us: how are your books different than the millions of other books? 
My books are released in the Christian fiction market, so they’re a “clean” read, but they’re also very real (a common comment on Amazon). I don’t shy away from dealing with tough topics or broken people and I dig deep into their messy lives. Though I write Christian fiction, the majority of readers (that I’m aware of) don’t typically read Christian fiction, so I love that I’m reaching a different audience!

That's terrific. What one question has no one asked you about your book/character/writing life that you wish they would? 
Oh, good question! I had to really think on that! I guess I’d like someone to ask if I see myself in any of my characters.

So, do you see yourself in any of your characters?
There’s probably a little bit of me in all my characters. After I completed my first novel, I recruited a few acquaintances to read  the [manuscript]. Though I haven’t lived the same lives as my characters or experienced their issues, I felt like I was exposing myself to the reader because there was so much of my heart in each character.

Where would you like people to connect with you online?  
My Facebook page or my website.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, Brenda!

Brenda's latest release, Pieces of Granite, is available now. 

Feel free to leave a comment or question for Brenda. 


  1. Thank you for the fun interview, Keely! I love visiting with you!

    1. Hi Brenda. We tried the Facebook posting in multiple groups. At one time it was widely done. I did not enjoy it at all.
      Onisha Ellis

    2. Hi Onisha - I know of several people who do it successfully, but it's just not something I've convinced myself to do yet. I don't want to be one of those people I'm annoyed by. ;-)