Sunday, November 22, 2015

My career as an author started with a bucket list....

Shortly after I turned 30, I started a bucket list. Since my life story up to that point sort of reads like a bucket list anyway, it took some soul searching to think of things I really wanted to make a part of my legacy.

There is only one item on the list with an expiration date. I have no idea why, but I wrote: "Write a novel that sells at least [not saying the number] copies before I turn 40". I'm not sure why I picked the number that I did--I certainly didn't know anything about publishing or book sales statistics. I later learned the number I chose is achieved by less that 2% of books published in the US by the "Big 5" publishers. Learning that statistic was disheartening, but I refuse to erase anything from the bucket list. Besides, I'm nowhere near 40 yet (winkie-face).

Well today I found out my first novel (The Land Uncharted) book sales have not only hit that crazy goal but passed it!

Marty told me to pause and have my woo-hoo moment, but I must say that when I started writing the first Uncharted book, I forgot about my trivial goals. My goal became to create stories that bring glory to God and encourage, inspire, and comfort the reader. While it’s fun to reach an earthly goal, one day I will have to account for my words and I want to hear well done.