Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Author Interview Series Coming Soon!

In February I'm rolling out a new author interview series called Writers' Quirks

As an author, I love being interviewed, but I've noticed I get asked the same questions. Not always, but often. I decided to start interviewing other authors here on my blog, but I'm going to ask more quirky questions. Who cares how many weeks, months, years they spent writing their novel? I want to know about the shameless marketing stunts they now regret, if they've ever fallen in love with a character, stuff like that. Sound fun?

Writers' Quirks was originally going to be a once per week series, but I received 46 interview requests from authors today alone, so I'm going to post interviews on Wednesdays and Fridays and see how that goes.

So look for the new series to roll out next month. Comment on the posts, ask the authors questions if you like, and maybe you'll find your next favorite author!


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