Friday, May 30, 2014

Cover Reveal and Pre-order: The Resurrection of Rey Pescador by Alfred Cedeno

I rarely jump in and give my two cents on cover reveals, but this cover rocks my face off! It's beautiful and truly merch-worthy. I'd gladly blow my babysitting money on a Rey Pescador poster, lunchbox and Trapper Keeper folder. Wouldn't you?

The Resurrection of Rey Pescador
by Alfred Cedeno 


His meteoric rise and fall are legendary, but Rey Pescador's greatest adventure remained a mystery.

Until now.

When David Rosario finally confronts his absurd past, he composes a series of tall tales and love letters that both chronicle Rey Pescador's tenure as the world's most famous man and finally confess his love to the mysterious Rebecca.

David's one-sided feud with Rey, his cousin and best friend, humorously catapults this adventure across continents and worlds.

It shatters genres in its wake.

Believing that even post-modern life is filled with mythical elements and that common robot fights contain deep significance, Rey Pescador seeks an artistic escape from an undying, scientific world. In the process, he becomes America's most beloved anachronism.

From his first public invocation of the muse to his spontaneous bout with an imposing heavy-weight in Madison Square Garden, his performances transcend reality. In the wake of an unexpected decline in popularity, Rey's manager promises fame beyond his imagination.

But at what cost?

Available for Pre-order now: The Resurrection of Rey Pescador 
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Publisher: Winslet Press

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