Monday, March 10, 2014

Challenge Accepted

Marty, my husband and greatest encourager, has joyfully listened to my stories and ideas for stories for years. In January of last year, we were driving through the pristine back country of Williamson County looking for an estate sale when he up and said, “Here is a challenge for you: I challenge you to write your book.”

Challenge accepted!

I just printed the complete manuscript: 

Now it feels real!

THE LAND UNCHARTED is a completed 77,000-word work of Commercial Science Fiction blending utopia, adventure, love, action and the miraculous Gray Leaf Tree. And, good news… it is the first of a three-book series! 

Thank you, Marty!


  1. You are welcome my love!! I am blown away by how far above and beyond you went with my challenge. You took a one book challenge and turned it into a trilogy. I love to watch you grow and expand your boundaries. You rock my face off!!!