Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One O'Clock

If a normal lifespan is one day and we are born at Seven A.M. then tomorrow I pass One O'Clock.

It's not a milestone birthday by any conventional means. It's just a numbers game I made up when I was very young. And, for me, tomorrow I am officially beginning the afternoon of my life.

That's fine with me. I am a sinner saved by grace. Since I surrendered my life to Christ every day has been a gift from Him that I do not deserve and I strive to live fully for His glory.

As a new creation I now live without questions and without shame and without regret. I pray God allows me a full lifetime to see my daughter grow up and to help my husband all of his days, but I fully acknowledge that my life is hid with God in Christ and I pray His will be done most of all. Each day has been a gift and will continue to be a gift until the Lord calls me home.

So, when I was young(er) and made up my little numbers game, I thought I was only good at being young and it would be such a pity when I "passed noon". Now I know the truth and I pray I spend the afternoon of my life spreading the Gospel and being spent for Christ.

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