Monday, June 20, 2011

Heckman Family Reunion

We had an unofficial family reunion yesterday as most of my Dad's family gathered to surprise him with a 60th Birthday Party. He knew something was up during the months of planning and secrecy, but since the only date we could get everyone together was a few weeks after his birthday, I think he was surprised, especially by how many people came.

I'm also experimenting with black and white film (remember film?), so here are a few snap shots of the family:

Left to right: Rachel Keith, Marty Keith, Keely Keith, Ian Myers, Ashley Myers, Kevin Heckman, Sara Heckman (holding baby Colten), Bryan Heckman, Van Heckman, Pam Heckman, Cherine Heckman, Rick Gomez, Rod Heckman, Darla Gomez, Cody Evans, Michelle Heckman (holding baby Jax), Brendan Heckman, Talitha Oettinger, Michael Oettinger (holding baby Lucy).
My parents: Pam & Rod Heckman
My Dad and his siblings: Kevin, Cherine, Rod
Me and my siblings: Keely, Brendan, Darla, Talitha

Thanks to everyone who came - from near and far - to help celebrate my Dad.  He really enjoyed it!


  1. It looks like it went very well Keely :-) !

    I have been uplifting this moment for your Daddy and your family. Blessings sweet sister ~ I LOVE YOU!