Sunday, November 15, 2009


I am filled with love for my Lord.

I've typed and deleted a paragraph twice now. It seems I can't articulate the one thing that has never changed since the day I poured my heart out to my Maker and said, "Here's my life. You can have it if you want it."

He wanted it.

I've not taken my eyes off Him since.

Still in awe.

It seems I can chatter about nonsense, complain about inconveniences, muse about irony and boast about my sweet family, but my words will never do when I want to express my love for the Lord.

Maybe that's because I can't get over His love for me.

"For He Himself knows our frame;
He is mindful that we are but dust."
~ Psalm 103:14


  1. Thank you for this post. It brings tears to my eyes, because I feel the very same way. The moment I try to put my feelings about Him into words, everything starts sounding small and trite. I wonder if we'll finally be able to describe this love when we're with Him someday. Or maybe there just won't be a need for those words anymore, since the longing will be fulfilled.

  2. Oh, I look forward to that day! Thank you for your comment, Jen!

  3. Beautiful post. LOVED it. Those who truly love the word can never find satisfying words to express their feelings. :)

  4. Beautiful! I feel the same way. Words seem so inadequate but I would like to think in those moments He simply allows us to rest in His presence and bask in His love.

    1. So true, Toni. Keep basking in His love!